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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why are your courses restricted to 18 - 35 year olds? 

Live Life Boldly is designed for young adults. This means that the selected activities, Bible study topics and the length of our courses are selected to engage and challenge people between these ages. The way these courses are delivered are structured around the interests of people within this age bracket. 

How much do your courses cost? 

Please check out the courses page for more details. 

Do you offer discounts? 

We do offer promotional discounts at certain times throughout the year. For a limited time, registering with a friend will save you $100 off the promotional price. To ensure you do not miss out on any of our special offers, make sure you follow us on social media. That way you will be among the first to know! 

Does LLB cater for dietary requirements? 

At Live Life Boldly we do our best to accommodate everyone who wishes to participate in our courses. However, due to the nature of the campsite, and meal preparation, some dietary needs are difficult to cater for. If you have any dietary requirements, please get in touch with us before registering, so we can discuss your options.


Please note that our course pricing includes standard meals, and do not take into consideration dietary requirements. Therefore, changes to meals may result in a small price increase. Please contact us to discuss these options. 

How many people will be on the course with me? 

Great question! Our courses are designed to cater to a group size between 12 - 20 people. Due to costs, we require a minimum of 12 registrations before we can run a course. We want to offer the lowest price possible to you, and by having a minimum number, we can guarantee this low price. What a great excuse to bring a friend!

Can international applicants register? 

Of course! We encourage international applicants to register for a Live Life Boldly course. What better way to experience Australia's outback than to immerse yourself in an epic, outdoor adventure! Please keep in mind our prices do not include flights or transportation to our location. If you have any concerns about transportation once you arrive in Australia, please contact us to discuss your options. 

How fit do I need to be? 

Live Life Boldly is a physically challenging adventure course. We plan to hike over rough terrain, paddle across the large Pindari dam, climb up and down cliffs, and participate in physical activities for a good portion of the day. You do not need to be incredibly fit, but we do recommend that you are able to walk and run without difficulty. A moderate level of fitness is advisable. If you have health concerns, please contact us before applying to discuss your options. 

How do I register? 

At this stage, Live Life Boldly is still operating through Pindari Life charity. If you are interested in registering, please click here to register your interest and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Why are we camping and cooking over the fire? 

Life is an adventure that is best lived boldly. We want to give you an awesome experience in the great outdoors, which includes going back to basics and trying new things. Do not let this stop you from experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! If you still have concerns, please get in touch.  

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