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Winter 2021

June 24th - July 3rd

"Being Real: Christ in Us"
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Our first course at Pindari Adventures, NSW Australia, will spend ten days exploring what it means to share an authentic relationship with Jesus in our everyday lives. What does it mean to 'live life boldly', and what does it mean to have 'Christ in us'? Being a Christian should be the realest expression of life here on earth, and God has created some marvellous adventures for us.

On this course, you can expect to be involved in numerous adventures. The activities that we plan to run* for this course include, but are not limited to:

  • Abseil down wild cliffs

  • Use your rock climbing skills to work your way through our exhilarating cliff traverse

  • Explore the bush and learn its survival secrets

  • Participate in different team challenges

  • Drive our desert buggies 

  • Canoe across the mighty Pindari dam to new campsites

  • Hike the 7 summits of Pindari

  • Camp under the stars in swags, or bush shelters

  • Cook delicious meals over a fire (did somebody say pizza?!)

We will have daily discussions about what the Bible says about Being Real, quiet and reflection time, stories from the team about Being Real, and also get involved in outreach at the local community and youth group. Be prepared to try new things, strengthen your faith, have a fun time and delve deeper into living life boldly!

Our promotional price includes 9 nights accommodation in our comfy swags, 3 meals a day, including snacks, 10 days of action-packed adventures and Bible teaching, and all the adventure equipment you need. It does not include the personal items outlined on our packing list below, or transport to Pindari. 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Regular Price: $1,300.00

Promotional Offer: $1,100.00

Special Deal

Register with a friend today and each receive an additional $100 discount!

Ready to start your adventure? Click to download the packing list below!

* Some of our adventure activities are dependent on the weather, and Live Life Boldly cannot guarantee that all of the activities listed will be run during our course. 

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